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We are an energy consulting firm in La Jolla, California.

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We are an energy consulting firm in La Jolla, CA. We assist our clients in developing solutions to enter or expand current marketing or trading opportunities in the always evolving energy industry. We also assist in helping to develop projects to provide renewable energy products to the marketplace including Voluntary Emissions Credits (VECs).

At EIA we have experience along the entire value chain, from simple spot physical deals to long term physical and financial structured transactions.



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Guillermo Turrent

Guillermo holds a degree in Actuarial Sciences (applied Math) from the Mexican Autonomous National University (UNAM)

Guillermo has over 20 years of experience in North American energy business (U.S. and Mexico), including multiple marketing companies, producers and power utilities. In 1995, he started his career at Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX, particularly in PMI Comercio Internacional) as the company’s natural gas derivatives trader, later heading up PEMEX’s gas trading. In 1998, Guillermo joined AIG Trading Group as an Assistant Vice President, based in Greenwich, Connecticut (AIGT was acquired by Sempra Energy and became Sempra Energy Trading). During his tenure at SET, Guillermo was part of the structuring team responsible for the first privately owned pipeline into Mexico, Gasoducto Rosarito. He also worked on structuring long-term gas supply agreements for the Hermosillo and Naco-Nogales power plants along the US/Mexico border.

From 1999 to 2006, Guillermo worked for Coral Power (later to become Shell Trading) in various roles, where he eventually became the head of long term power trading of the West and Senior Vice President of West Gas and Power Trading.

In 2006, Guillermo rejoined SET as the Managing Director for West Power. In 2008, he joined Constellation Energy as their Managing Director for West Power. In 2009, Constellation sold its West Power Business to Electricite de France Trading (EDFT). Guillermo worked for EDFT until 2012 as their Managing Director for West Power and later on as their natural gas and Power Options trader in North America (West, PJM and ERCOT). While at EDFT, he led the effort of EDFT to enter Mexico in gas and power marketing.

At the end of 2012, Guillermo was offered the position of Managing Director of Modernization for the Mexican power utility, Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE). In this role, he was responsible for CFE’s efforts to become independent from PEMEX on fuel supply and was appointed the leader of the CFE gas pipeline infrastructure development group. Guillermo and his team tendered and developed more than 5,000 miles of new natural gas pipelines in Mexico. The capacity to import natural gas from North America was tripled as part of the development. Mexico has gone from importing approximately 2.5BCFD to 6BCFD nowadays (almost 75% of all of Mexico’s needs) as a result of PEMEX’s collapse in natural gas production. While leading this group, the team structured long-term agreements with seventeen natural gas pipelines in both Mexico and the United States and signed numerous purchase and sale agreements of natural gas.

Guillermo was appointed CEO of the two newly created marketing companies of CFE, CFEnergia, S.A. de C.V. (CFEn) and CFE International, LLC (CFEi) in 2016. Both of these companies were created as a result of the benefits of the Mexican Energy Reform. By its second year of operations, CFEn became the largest gas marketer in Mexico and CFEi became a top fifteen gas marketer in North America. Under Guillermo’s direction, both of these marketing and trading entities marketed more than 300 cargos of LNG, over 100 cargos of diesel and fuel oil and close to 3BCFD of natural gas.

Today, Guillermo works as a consultant to various marketing/trading and development companies in the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Europe.